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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 9179
Title: Conditions promoting extreme Pseudo-nitzschia events in the eastern Pacific but not the western Pacific
Report to: PICES Scientific Report
Author/Editor: Vera L. Trainer
Year: 2017
Report Number: No. 53
Pages: 52
Theme: Sustainable, safe and secure seafood for healthy populations and vibrant communities
Foci: Provide scientific support to ensure safe seafood for healthy populations and characterize how human activities and climate affect risks from pathogens, chemical contaminants and biotoxins
Official Citation:

Trainer, V.L. (Ed.) 2017. Conditions Promoting Extreme Pseudo-nitzschia Events in the Eastern Pacific but not the Western Pacific. PICES Sci. Rep. No. 53, 52 pp.