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Document Type: Report
Center: NWFSC
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Title: The Snake River salmon and steelhead crisis:  its relation to dams and the national energy crisis
Author/Editor: Gerald B. Collins, Wesley J. Ebel, Gerald E. Monan, Howard L. Raymond, George K. Tanonaka
Year: 1975
Institution: Northwest Fisheries Center Processed Report, February 1975. National Marine Fisheries Service. Seattle, Washington
Keywords: salmon survival, dam passage, mitigation,

The rapid acceleration of powerhouse construction in the Columbia Basin in response to the national energy crisis means that very soon the disastrous "no spill" condition will occur with greater frequency, and an even greater percentage of young migrants will pass through turbines.  The time available to develop and refine solutions to fish passage problems has been severely shortened.  Fortunately, our research has already pointed the way to several important practical steps to minimize salmon and steelhead losses due to dams.

These steps include collection and transport of juveniles, screening and bypass of juveniles at dams, reductions in dissolved gas supersaturation, and minimization of delays in migration.  In this report, causes of fish passage mortality are detailed and steps are suggested to mitigate loss of migrating juvenile salmonids.