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Document Type: Journal Article
Center: NWFSC
Document ID: 936
Title: New records of Aldrovandia oleosa (Notacanthiformes: Halosauridae) from the eastern North Pacific Ocean
Author: D. J. Kamikawa, Duane E. Stevenson
Publication Year: 2010
Journal: California Fish and Game
Volume: 96
Issue: 3
Pages: 216-220
Keywords: Halosauridae, Aldrovandia oleosa, North Pacific

Aldrovandia oleosa was described from 26 specimens taken from the Tongue-of-the-Ocean, a deep trench in the Bahamas.  This species has a trans-Atlantic distribution, occurring in the western Atlantic from Canada to Venezuela and Guyana and in the eastern tropical Atlantic in the Gulf of Guinea.  It has been recorded from Saya-deMalaya Bank and the East Indian Range in the Indian Ocean as well as the eastern central Pacific and waters off of Chile.  Historical records of specimens matching Sulak’s (1977) description of A. oleosa within this range were attributed to the closely related A. phalacra.