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Tech Memo-22: Status Review for Mid-Columbia River Summer Chinook Salmon
Appendix. Protein loci and sample information for genetic analyses presented in Figures 2 and 3 (Marshall 1994a and b).

Loci used in genetic analysis:

mAAT-1*, sAAT-1,2*, sAAT-3*, sAAT-4*, ADA-1*, ADA-2*, sAH*, mAH*, GPI-B2*, GPI-A*, GR*, HAGH*, mIDHp-2*, sIDHp-1*, sIDHp-2*, LDH-B2*, LDH-C*, sMDH-A1,2*, sMDH-B1,2*, mMDH-2*, MPI*, PEPA*, PEP-B1*, PEPD-2*, PEP-LT*, PGDH*, PGK-2*, PGM-1*, PGM-2*, sSOD-1*, mSOD-1*, mSOD*, and TPI-4*

Sample information for genetic samples:


Hanford Reach fall 1990 mainstem Columbia River
Bonneville Hatchery fall 1990
Little White Salmon Hatchery fall 1990
Priest Rapids Hatchery fall 1987, 90, 91
Lyons Ferry Hatchery
1990, 91
Snake River, all tagged
Wenatchee River summer 1989-92
Wells Hatchery summer 1991-92
Similkameen River summer 1991-92
Winthrop Hatchery spring 1992
Leavenworth Hatchery spring 1991
White River spring 1989, 91-92 Wenatchee River tributary
Nason Creek spring 1989, 92 Wenatchee River tributary
Chiwawa River spring 1989-92 Wenatchee River tributary
Carson Hatchery spring 1989
American River spring 1989-92
Naches River spring 1989-92 Includes Little Naches and Bumping River
Upper Yakima spring 1989-92
Yakima River fall 1990-92
Marion Drain fall 1989-92
Sandy River fall 1990-92 Lower Columbia River
Deschutes River fall 1990-92 Oregon
John Day River spring 1990-92 Lower Columbia River
Round Butte Hatchery spring 1990 Deschutes River Basin, Oregon

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