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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-31: Data Collection -- Groundfish (cont):

Table 6.1
Data files and transaction types submitted by agencies that contribute information to the PacFIN system (1996). The letter "x" denotes the transaction type or data file that is submitted, and an empty cell denotes the information that is not submitted to the PacFIN system.

Data file/

Agency code listxxx
Fish ticketxxx
Fish-ticket linesxxx
Catch-by-area compositionxx
Effort-by-area compositionx
Aggregated effortxxxx
Aggregated catchxxxx
Merchant vessels (U.S.)x
Limited-entry permitx

*Agency titles follow: CDFG is the California Department of Fish and Game, ODFW is the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, WDFW is the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, ADFG is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, AKR is the Alaska Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), AFSC is the Alaska Fisheries Science Center of the NMFS, DFO is the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada, USCG is the U.S. Coast Guard, and NWR is the Northwest Regional Office of the NMFS.