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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-33: Sockeye Salmon Status Review (cont)

Appendix Table C-5.
Duration and peak smolt outmigration timing of selected sockeye salmon populations in Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), Idaho (ID), and British Columbia (BC). Dashes indicate data were unavailable.

State/Province Duration of smolt outmigration Peak smolt outmigration Year(s) coveredSource

Columbia River Basin
Okanogan RiverWA 30 Apr-19 May8 May-12 May 1981Weitkamp and Neuner (1981)
mid-Apr-20 May late-Apr-20 May1982 McGee and Truscott (1982)
mid Apr-late May several peaks1983 McGee et al. (1983)
Lake WenatcheeWA 26 Mar-25 May27 Apr-15 May 1946-54Mullan (1986)
Apr-18 May 1-6 May1955-56 French and Wahle (1959)
Redfish LakeID late-Apr-late-May3-18 May 1955-66Bjornn et al. (1968)
Washington (Puget Sound)
Baker RiverWA 24 Apr-7 Junemid-May 1951-52Hamilton and Andrew (1954)
Lake Washington WA Mar-early Junelate Apr-early May 1967-70Bryant (1976)
Ozette LakeWA 3 Apr-29 May6 May 1979Dlugokenski et al. (1981)
Quinault LakeWA mid-Apr-25 Junelate Apr-mid May 1974Tyler and Wright (1974)
Vancouver Island
Hobiton LakeBC 2 Apr-18 Junelate Apr-mid-May 1983Hyatt et al. (1984)
Muriel LakeBC late Mar-18 Juneearly Apr-mid May 1983Hyatt et al. (1984)
Mainland B. C. (coastal)
Port John LakeBC 2 Apr-18 June7 May-21 May 1948-61Hyatt et al. (1984)
Queen Charlotte Islands
Mathers LakeBC 9 Apr-21 May30 Apr-7 May 1978Hyatt et al. (1984)
Fraser River
Late StuartBC --11 May 3 totalLinley (1993)
NadinaBC --8 May 1 totalLinley (1993)
HorseflyBC --2 May 4 totalLinley (1993)
ChilkoBC --30 Apr 34 totalLinley (1993)
CultusBC 16 Feb-20 July5 Apr-early May 1926-36Foerster (1937)
-- 27 Apr12 total Linley (1993)

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