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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-33: Sockeye Salmon Status Review (cont)

Appendix Table D-2.
Known hatchery releases of sockeye salmon in Washington. Individual releases and percentages of releases of stocks originating out of basin are designated in bold a.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released
Stock of origin

Skagit River
Baker Lake1900-35 183,695,256 Baker Lake
1931 955,000Yes Bay, Alaska
1941-44 511,364Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1957-93 41,650,554Fry from Baker Lake beaches
Lower Baker River1904-10 4,359,255Baker Lake
1959 38,560Issaquah Creek
1987-93 512,350 (net pens)
Baker Lake
Skagit River1914 120,000Baker Lake
1929-30 48,000Baker Lake-Grandy mix
Bacon Creek1934 10,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Big Lake1933-37 440,500Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Clear Lake1933-37 140,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Day Creek1929-30 5,000Baker Lake-Grandy mix
1931-32 20,000Baker Lake
1934 10,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Diobsud Creek1934-35 25,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Illabot Creek1929-30 8,000Baker Lake-Grandy mix
1931-32 20,000Baker Lake
Illabot Lake1925-26 425,000 (eggs planted)
Baker, Quinault, Yes Bay-Alaska
Lake McMurray1933 47,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Grandy Creek/Grandy Lake1909 46,000Fraser River mix
1913-45 1,137,079Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1917 211,275Quinault Lake-Grandy mix
1915-32 209,630Baker Lake
1922-29 119,000Baker Lake-Grandy mix

234,338,823 <1% out of basin

Samish River
Lake Samish/Cain Lake1915-18 8,957,101Fraser River mix
Lake Samish1934-37 528, 170Grandy Creek (Birdsview)

9,485,271 100% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Stillaguamish River
Lake Cavanaugh1933-37 379,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Pilchuck Creek1929-30 5,175Baker-Grandy mix
1931-32 20,000Baker Lake

404,175 100% out of basin

Snohomish River
Skykomish River (Startup=Skykomish Hatchery)


Baker Lake?
1916-22 25,100Skykomish (Startup)
Lake Stevens1933-38 653,500Grandy Creek (Birdsview)

778,081 97% out of basin

Lake Washington/Lake Sammamish
Lake Sammamish1957, 1961 112,200Issaquah Creek
Issaquah Creek1935-44 1,629,059Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1947-63 1,256,079Issaquah Creek
1950, 1954 59,613Cultus Lake, B.C.
Sammamish River
Big Bear Creek1937 576,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
North Creek1944 23,655Cultus Lake, B.C.
Lake Washington1942 41,065Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
Juanita Creek1979 46,500Unknown
1980-82 343,985Cedar River
N. Fork Kelsey Creek1979-81 204,030Cedar River
S. Fork Kelsey Creek1979 10,805Unknown
Thornton Creek1979 50,000Unknown
1980-82 274,236Cedar River
Cedar River1935-45 1,065,681Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1961 118,720Issaquah Creek
1977-79 3,765,000Unknown
(egg box program)1978-82 25,035,000 Cedar River
1992-93 6,226,504Cedar River
Lake Union1951 19,344Issaquah Creek
1955 54,814University of Washington
1977 550Unknown
Lake Washington drainage1917 19,700Unknown

40,932,540 8% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Green River
Green River1925 5,700Green River
1928 49,100Quinault Lake
1929 238,000Alaska

287,100 100% out of basin

South Puget Sound
Mason Lake 1933, 1937 175,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1934 75,000Baker Lake
1942 9,954Quilcene
Isabella Lake1933, 1937 85,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1934 25,000Baker Lake

369,954 100% out of basin

Skokomish River
Skokomish River1922 275,000Afognak, Alaska
100% out of basin

Hood Canal
Finch Creek (Hoodsport)1961 12,700Issaquah Creek
1961 8,000Finch Creek

16,700 76% out of basin

Big Quilcene River
Big Quilcene River1933, 1937 160,336Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1934 29,100Baker Lake
1939 41,520Quilcene

230,956 82% out of basin

Dungeness River
Dungeness River1957 24,300Lake Creek (Lake Pleasant)
100% out of basin

Lyre River
Lake Crescent1927 995,700Yes Bay, Alaska
1928-31 3,489,600Quinault Lake

4,485,300 100% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Year(s) fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Ozette River
Ozette Lake1937 449,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1983 120,000Quinault Lake
1984-95 490,445Ozette Lake
1991-92 14,398 (kokanee x sockeye )
Ozette Lake
Umbrella Creek1992 8,490Ozette Lake

1,082,333 53% out of basin

Sol Duc River
Lake Pleasant1933, 1937 285,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1934 175,000Baker Lake
Beaver Lake1933, 1937 45,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)

505,000 100% out of basin

Quinault River
Quinault Lake1916-20 20,100,000


Yes Bay and Afognak, Alaska
1916-36 117,389,000fry, Quinault lake
1916-47 73,215,000fingerlings, Quinault Lake
1937-47 1,092,000yearlings, Quinault Lake
1974-94 4,390,228Quinault Lake
Falls Creek1975 147,334Quinault Lake
Ten O'Clock Creek1976 300,000Quinault Lake
Boulder Creek1977 170,000Quinault Lake

196,590,343 < 9% out of basin

Willapa River
Fork Creek1972, 1977 8,463Willapa River (Fork Creek)
100% out of basin

Cowlitz River
Spirit Lake1956-59 412,504Leavenworth/Lake Wenatchee
100% out of basin

Lewis River
Lewis River1961 515,200Issaquah Creek
1961 411,904Voight Creek (Puyallup River)
Speelyai Creek1965 38,250Lewis River

965,354 96% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Klickitat River
Klickitat River1952-53 111,191Leavenworth/ Lake Wenatchee
100% out of basin

Little White Salmon River
Little White Salmon River1951-56 356,748Unknown
100% out of basin

Wind River
Wind River1955 144,452Lake Wenatchee
1956 33,758Unknown

178,210 100% out of basin

Yakima River
Cle Elum Lake1988-91 370,387Lake Wenatchee
Bumping Lake1942 25,777Quinault Lake

396,164 100% out of basin

Wenatchee River
Wenatchee River 1952 28,781Lake Wenatchee
White River1952-55 98,196Lake Wenatchee
Icicle Creek1942-60 1,190,494Columbia River mix
1954-69 101,706Lake Wenatchee
1954 44,325Methow River
1954-55 274,545Entiat River (Quinault progeny ?)
1966 3,100British Columbia
1966-69 18,416Icicle Creek
Lake Wenatchee1939-43 32,794


Mixed Upper Columbia
1941-69 51,127,121Rock Island Dam progeny
1949-62 2,440,582Entiat River (Quinault progeny ?)
1953-62 1,721,657Methow River (RID +Bonneville progeny)

56,983,547 37% out of basin

Chelan River
Lake Chelan1954 31,036Entiat River
1954 8,912Lake Wenatchee
1954 10,952Methow River

50,900 100% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Entiat River
Entiat River1941 603,669Columbia River
1943-44 719,702Rock Island Dam
1942-43 161,787Quinault Lake
1952-53 89,217Lake Wenatchee

1,574,375 100% out of basin

Methow River
Methow River1945 86,788Icicle Creek
1946 64,939Bonneville
1946 80,360Wind River
1947 79,812Icicle Creek, Methow River
1948-58 973,333Methow River
1956 190,575Little Wenatchee River
1956 305,526RID

1,781,133 45% out of basin

Okanogan River
Lake Osoyoos1939-43 19,795


Mixed Upper Columbia
1941-44 208,413Rock Island Dam
1942 395,420Quinault Lake, Rock Island mix
1943 587,175RID, L. Wenatchee River, Methow River
1944 1,147,831Icicle creek
1947, 1949 879,990Methow River
1958 1,086,233Little Wenatchee River
1993-94 183,500Wells Dam
1996 150,000Wells Dam

4,638,562 93% out of basin

Similkameen River
Palmer Lake1966 87,000Lake Wenatchee
100% out of basin

Snake River
Snake River1969 10,000Lake Wenatchee
100% out of basin

Appendix Table D-2. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Unknown1925-36 189,000Grandy Creek (Birdsview)
1926 150,000Quinault Lake
1951 49,903Unknown
1965 134,854Russian River
1965 85,480Lake Wenatchee


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