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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-33: Sockeye Salmon Status Review (cont)

Appendix Table D-3.
Known hatchery releases of sockeye salmon in Oregon. Individual releases and percentages of releases of stocks originating out of basin are designated in bold a.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Columbia River
Lower Columbia River1914 1,500,000Alaska
1924, 1930 125,000Quinault Lake
1930-37 1,110,320Unknown
Herman Creek1919-42 17,229,845Bonneville (Afognak, Yes Bay, AK + WA)
1921-34 3,935,985Unknown
Tanner Creek1911-34 9,776,744Alaska
1915, 1932 4,707,020Unknown
1928 800,000Herman Creek
1936-46 947,540Bonneville (Afognak, Yes Bay, AK + WA)
Corbett Station1987 24,282Columbia River mix

40,156,736 73% out of basin

Willamette River
Lake Oswego1918 4,000Unknown
Clackamas River1967 212,222Adams River, B.C.
Middle Fork Willamette River1957-59 195,361Leavenworth
1958 282,219Leavenworth + Willamette mix
Dexter Reservoir1955 52,089Leavenworth
Lookout Point Reservoir1957 94,827Leavenworth
North Santiam River
Big Cliff Reservoir1958 86,507Leavenworth
South Santiam River
Green Peter Reservoir1968 242,976Unknown

1,452,420 100% out of basin

Deschutes River
Deschutes River1952-59 125,000Bonneville
Metolius River1951 75,960Unknown
1952-57 191,994Leavenworth + Metolius
1960 26,438Santiam + mix
1961 42,619Cascade
Lake Creek1948 41,178Bonneville
Spring Creek1950 99,922Unknown
Suttle Lake1937 15,000Bonneville
1952-58 741,051Leavenworth

1,359,162 100% out of basin

Appendix Table D-3. Continued.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Grande Ronde River
Wallowa River1902-03 14,382,000

(eggs planted)

Wallowa Lake
1922-28 19,017,821Bonneville + Unknown
1933-37 2,766,700


Wallowa Lake1914 380,500Alaska
1916-19 5,144,300Unknown

27,309,321 71% out of basin

Silticoos River
Woahink Lake (Mid Coast)1952-53 101,594Unknown

100% out of basin

a Sources: Cramer (1990), NRC (1995), Kostow (1996a).

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