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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-33: Sockeye Salmon Status Review (cont)

Appendix Table D-4.
Known hatchery releases of sockeye salmon in Idaho. Individual releases and percentages of releases of stocks originating out of basin are designated in bold a.

Release location

Years fish released
Number of fish released

Stock of origin

Snake River
Snake River1940-48 469,940Unknown
1965 474,689British Columbia
Henry's Fork1946 76,140Unknown
Clearwater River
Selway River1946 86,180Unknown
Salmon River
Alturas Lake1983-84 543,800Babine Lake (Fulton River), B.C.
Stanley Lake1981-84 731,288Babine Lake (Fulton River), B.C.
1946 379,000Unknown
Redfish Lake1940-47 325,320Unknown
1986-96 136,834Redfish Lake
Pettit Lake1995 8,500Redfish Lake
Payette River1946 102,000Unknown
Payette Lake1940-47 1,480,066Unknown
Warm Lake1940-49 267,090Unknown

5,288,483 33% out of basin

a Sources: Howell et al. (1985), NRC (1995).

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