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NOAA-NMFS-NWFSC TM-33: Sockeye Salmon Status Review (cont)

Appendix Table D-6.
Artificial propagation facilities in Washington that have reared or are continuing to rear sockeye salmon for release into specific evolutionarily significant units (ESUs). CCT, Colville Confederated Tribes; CHPUD, Chelan County Public Utility District; MFMD, Makah Fisheries Management Department; NFH, National Fish Hatchery; PUGP, Puget Sound Power and Light Co.; QIN, Quinault Indian Nation; USBF, United States Bureau of Fisheries; USCFF, United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries; USFWS, United States Fish and Wildlife Service; WDFW, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; WFC, Washington State Fish Commission.

ESU Hatchery Facility Operating Agency Years of operation

ESU 1 - Okanogan River Entiat NFH USFWS 1941-44
Leavenworth NFH USFWS 1942-44
Winthrop NFH USFWS 1944-58
Cassimer Bar CCT 1993-present
ESU 2 - Lake Wenatchee Leavenworth NFH USFWS 1941-69
Winthrop NFH USFWS 1942-57
Entiat NFH USFWS 1944-60
Rock Island FHC CHPUD 1990-present
ESU 3 - Quinault Lake Falls Creek-Quinault USBF 1914-47
Quinault Net Pens QIN 1974-present
Cook Creek WDFW 1985
ESU 4 - Ozette Lake Quilcene NFH USFWS 1937
Umbrella Creek MFMD 1983-present
ESU 5 - Baker River Baker Lake Hatchery WFC, USCFF, USBF 1896-35
Birdsview Hatchery USBF 1909-45
Artificial Spawning Beaches PUGP, WDFW 1957-present
Lake Shannon Net Pens PUGP 1987-present

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