Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Data Products and Tools

West Coast Groundfish Observer Program In-Season Salmon Reporting

The In-Season Salmon Reporting Service is a RESTful web service that reports expanded weights and counts for WCGOP observed discarded salmon species.


Download telemetry analysis and visualization software that can be used to plot a single fish track, explore detections generated by a single receiver, and help determine the timing, location, and direction of fish movement.

Groundfish observer data

Explore summaries of bycatch estimates, groundfish mortality, and coverage levels collected aboard observed U.S. West Coast fishing vessels.

Ocean conditions and salmon forecasts

Explore biological and physical indicators of the California Current ecosystem and how these data help scientists forecast salmon survival.

Scientific data and metadata

Explore several NWFSC databases in depth or search for NWFSC's metadata on InPort, a centralized online repository of metadata for NOAA Fisheries data and the tools to access the data. This portal is designed for resource managers, research collaborators, and other scientific data users.

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View interactive web applications and mapping tools to investigate the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem's fisheries and habitat data.