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West Coast Groundfish Observer Program In-Season Salmon Reporting


The In-Season Salmon Reporting Service is a RESTful web service that reports expanded weights and counts for WCGOP observed discarded salmon species from the Catch Shares sector. Data is available for 2015 through current year. Details for accessing the API are described in the API description section below.

Application Programming Interface (API) Description

The web service can be accessed from the following location:

Base Service

The base service is accessible via the following URL:

Output Format

Output file format may be specified by appending a file type suffix to the selection URL, as follows:{format}

Supported formats include 'csv' (useful for spreadsheet import) and 'json' (for 3rd party App developers).


A subset of the available Data source variables may be obtained by specifying a DAP4 Constraint Expression, naming one or more of the data set fields delimited by semi-colons (';'). The service will default to retrieving all variables if no Constraint Expression is provided, or no ';' delimited fields are named.




The Data source selection may be filtered by appending a pipe-character ('|') and one or more comma-delimited filtering statements after any of the DAP4 Constrain Expression subsettings fields. (If no field subsettings have been specified and/or all variables are desired, but with filtering, a '|' can simply be included by itself [implying an empty/non-specified field to the right of the pipe]) Filter need not be included in the ';' separated field subsetting requesting that variable. A filter may follow any field subsetting, or even reference a variable not included in the subset e.g.: ?dap4.ce=pacfin_code;common_name|season_year=2012;




Example: Service returning only 2016 records|season_year=2016

Supported filter operations

WCGOP bycatch data set items that are missing are marked by a 2-character placeholder code.

Data Update Frequency


Point of Contact

NWFSC / FRAM Data Team, Todd Hay,, 206.302.2449

Other Data Sources

A list of all currently available data sources may be obtained via:

The data source (e.g.: Program) is specified via the URL when selecting as follows:{source_id}/selection

Currently 'observer' is the only available data source.

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