Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Instructions for the Electronic-Version of the SRKW U.S. Whale Watching Industry Social Survey

This version of the survey is a MS Word document constructed with check boxes and text boxes intended to be completed electronically.

To complete the survey:

We request that all completed surveys be returned to us no later than Friday September 29. 2006.

We acknowledge the length of the survey, therefore there is no need to print the survey if using this electronic file. If you would like a hard copy of the survey please contact us to request a hard copy.

Please follow all instructions within the survey. If additional questions or comments arise please feel free to contact us

*We ask that you do not write your name on the survey proper, but inform us of your name when returning the survey via email. We track names to acknowledge you have completed the survey, but do not link any particular survey with specific individuals.

Survey (fillable MS Word doc | PDF)