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Dr. Jameal Samhouri
Program Manager
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Ecosystem Science Program

The Ecosystem Science Program conducts innovative, integrative science about connected natural and human systems to inform the stewardship of fisheries, protected species, and ocean ecosystems. This research informs Ecosystem-Based Management of the California Current and forms the foundation for conservation of endangered species.

Our program focuses on four questions:

  1. What is a healthy ecosystem?
  2. Are ecosystems on the U.S. West Coast healthy?
  3. If not, what management actions should we consider?
  4. Where should we start?

Our program is comprised of four teams that focus on analytical approaches for addressing questions in coupled social-ecological systems. We forecast impacts of management strategies on ecosystem services in the face of future pressures. Our program integrates basic and applied science, melds social and natural science, and explicitly considers the linkages among systems.