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Atlantis Ecosystem Model


Atlantis was developed at CSIRO (Australia) as an ‘end-to-end’ simulation modeling approach for marine ecosystems that includes oceanographic, chemical (nutrient cycling), ecological (competition and predation), and anthropogenic processes in a three-dimensional, spatially explicit domain. Atlantis is intended as a strategic management tool to evaluate hypotheses about ecosystem response, to understand cumulative impacts of human activities, and to rank broad categories of management options.

Previous Atlantis models of the California Current have been published in the peer reviewed literature and technical documents. A new version of the Atlantis model is in development at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, but includes finer resolution of some forage fish and calcifier (shell forming) species, and an expanded geography that matches the full extent of the California Current.

Review of the Atlantis Ecosystem Model in Support of Ecosystem-Based Management in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

The Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) conducted a review of the California Current Atlantis applications on June 30-July 2nd, 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

The main objective was to evaluate the performance characteristics and appropriate uses of two Atlantis ecosystem models for the California Current, specifically:

Review Panel and Process

The review panel included seven SSC members, three Center for Independent Experts (CIE) reviewers, and an ecosystem modeler from NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center. It was led by the chair of the SSC Ecosystem Subcommittee. The review and terms of reference followed the Methodology Review Process established by the Fishery Management Council. The process also adopted agenda items and lesson learned from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center ecosystem modeling review, and similar reviews at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

The Atlantis technical team consisted of Isaac Kaplan, Kristin Marshall, Chris Harvey, Phil Levin, and Albert Hermann.

Reports, Terms of Reference, Agenda, and Materials