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Dr. Chris Harvey
Project Lead
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Integrative Marine Ecology Team

The goal of the Integrative Marine Ecology team is to study the ecological dynamics, human activities, and climate processes that affect ecosystem composition, structure, and function in marine environments. Understanding the factors that affect ecosystem sustainability will provide the scientific underpinnings needed to inform ecosystem-based management of living marine resources. Ecosystem-based management is an important complement to existing approaches to fisheries management, particularly in systems with multiple human sectors and changing environmental conditions.

Using a combination of empirical, experimental, and modeling approaches, the Integrative Marine Ecology team develops science-based tools in support of ecosystem-based management of the Northeast Pacific Ocean, with particular emphasis on two systems: the California Current and Puget Sound. Our products will help policy makers to anticipate outcomes and tradeoffs related to managing target species, habitats, species of concern, and climate variability.

We draw upon expertise from within and outside the NWFSC to address the following research foci: