Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Study sites and next steps

We established study sites at 5 pairs of basins across a range of urbanization in Puget Sound (click for map). Each pair of sites consisted of one "more urbanized" and one "less urbanized" basin. Each basin contains a perennial stream and its adjoining nearshore marine environment. The basin includes all of the land area that drains into a given perennial stream. The nearshore refers to shallow, coastal areas along Puget Sound's shorelines.

We collected data on algal growth, animal growth, decomposition of leaves and eelgrass, predation rates, and invertebrate diversity from all of our streams and all of the nearshore marine sites.

During the first half of 2013 we will continue to measure relationships between ecosystem structure, function, and urbanization and explore if and how these ecosystem properties are linked between streams and nearshore marine ecosystems.