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International Standardization of Genetic Data

This page is currently under construction but will soon describe participation of Conservation Biology Division scientists in the activities of the inter-laboratory consortium for data standardization and sharing, Genetic Analysis of Pacific Salmonids (GAPS). By Summer of 2007, NWFSC's Science Data Management Team and the Genetics and Evolution Program will host a web application to serve spatially-referenced, standardized, genetic data to the research community.


Paul Moran and David Teel

Reports, publications, and presentations:

Moran, P. and 11 co-authors. 2005. Interlaboratory Standardization of Coast-wide Chinook Salmon Genetic Data for International Harvest Management. Progress report from the Genetic Analysis of Pacific Salmonids (GAPS) consortium to the Chinook Technical Committee of the Pacific Salmon Commission, FY2004, FY2005, 44 p. (ppt)

Moran, P., D. J. Teel, E. S. LaHood, J. Drake, S. Kalinowski 2006. Standardising multi-laboratory microsatellite data in Pacific salmon: an historical view of the future. Ecol. Freshwater Fish 15: 597-605. Copies available from the author or at The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site