Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Atlas of Salmon and Steelhead Habitat in the Oregon Lower Columbia and Willamette Basins

The maps in this atlas are for the Lower Columbia and Willamette Evolutionarily Significant Units (ESU) regions. Click here if you wish to read the atlas introduction, which includes the proper citation for this document. For more information on the maps and how they were created, please see the full atlas documention.

Each watershed may contain multiple species or fish populations; separate accessibility and fish distribution maps are included for each population within a particular watershed. Floodplain and riparian maps are provided at a map extent representative of all populations in that particular watershed (see atlas documentation for more information). Map theme order (within a watershed) is indicated at the bottom of this page. The label in the upper right-hand corner of each map is the population name. Map number is on the upper or lower left side of each map.

Click on your watershed of interest from the list below to view the atlas html. For a printable copy, please download the PDF versions of the atlas at the bottom of this page.

Viewable Maps

Lower Columbia Maps
   Big Creek 1-13
   Clackamas River 14-27
   Clatskanie 28-40
   Lower Gorge tributaries 41-52
   Upper Gorge tributaries 53-69
   Hood River 70-87
   Sandy River 88-100
   Scappoose River 101-112
   Youngs Bay 113-125

   Calapooia River 126-137
   Clackamas River 138-147
   Mckenzie River 148-157
   Molalla River 158-169
   North Santiam River 170-181
   South Santiam River 182-193
   Middle Fork Willamette 194-203



Documentation – introduction, map descriptions and project references

Lower Columbia (PDFs)

Big Creek (pdf 11,769 kb)
Clackamas River (pdf 7,250 kb)
Clatskanie River (pdf 4,605 kb)
Upper Gorge tributary (pdf 7,683 kb)
Lower Gorge tributary (pdf 7,663 kb)
Hood River (pdf 7,297 kb)
Sandy River (pdf 11,277 kb)
Scappoose River (pdf 4,661 kb)
Youngs Bay (pdf 11,281 kb)
Willamette populations (PDFs)

Calapooia River (pdf 5,266 kb)
Clackamas River (pdf 9,014 kb)
McKenzie River (pdf 5,440 kb)
Molalla River (pdf 5,858 kb)
North Santiam River (pdf 6,266 kb)
South Santiam River (pdf 6,164 kb)
Middle Fork Willamette River (pdf 5,871 kb)

Order of maps for each watershed: