Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Salmon Technical Recovery Team Reports

Viability Reports and Recovery Criteria Documents

Viability criteria for the Lake Ozette sockeye salmon evolutionarily significant unit (2009)

Determination of independent populations and viability criteria for the Hood Canal summer chum salmon evolutionarily significant unit (2009)

Biological recovery criteria for the Oregon Coast coho salmon evolutionarily significant unit (2008)

Viability criteria comparison essay and table (2008)

Analyses to Support a Review of an ESA Jeopardy Consultation on Fisheries Impacting Lower Columbia River Tule Chinook Salmon —Addendum

Viable salmon populations and the recovery of evolutionarily significant units - Tech memo (2000) (pdf)

Puget Sound chinook population and ESU criteria 2002 (pdf)

Willamette-Lower Columbia Revised Viability Criteria Draft (2006)

Willamette-Lower Columbia Interim Viability Criteria Report (2003)

Interior Columbia Viability Criteria Report (2007)

Interior Columbia Viability - Survival Changes to Meet Viability Criteria ("Gaps" Analyses) (2006)

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Population Identification Reports

Identification of an independent population of sockeye salmon in Lake Ozette, Washington (2009)

Identification of historical populations of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in the Oregon coast evolutionarily significant unit (2007)

Historical population structure of Pacific salmonids in the Willamette River and lower Columbia River basins (2006)

Puget Sound, Independent Populations of Chinook Salmon (2006)

Willamette-Lower Columbia Population Identification Report (2006)

Interior Columbia Population Identification Report (2003)

Status Evaluation Reports

Interior Columbia Current Status Assessments

Willamette-Lower Columbia Oregon Population Status Report (2007)

Willamette-Lower Columbia Population Status Report(2004)

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Other Recovery Planning Documents

Puget Sound Technical Recovery Team (TRT) Review Comments on May 2005 Salmon Recovery Plans

Watershed assessment guidance document (Puget Sound)(2002/2003) (pdf | doc)

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Salmon Population AnalyZer (SPAZ)

Species Life-cycle Analysis Modules (SLAM)

Selective Harvest Calculator (SHC)

Recovery Implementation Science Team Reports

RIST RME Review 2009

Report on hatchery reform science April 9 2009.pdf
For questions regarding the above report, please contact Mike Ford 206.860.5612

Review of draft Oregon Lower Columbia River Recovery Plan for Salmon and Steelhead (version dated January 30, 2009)

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