Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Introduction to the Atlas of Salmon and Steelhead Habitat in the Oregon Lower Columbia and Willamette Basins

This atlas was developed as reference material for salmon and steelhead recovery planning in the Oregon Lower Columbia and Willamette basins. It provides a compilation and display of relevant salmon population features and habitat attributes. We provide information summarized at the scale of populations as defined by the WLC-TRT. Maps and summary information are presented in a uniform manner for all watersheds. The atlas does not provide an explanation of how the compiled data and summary statistics should be used in recovery planning.

In selecting the material to present in this atlas, we have focused on information that was both of clear relevance to salmon recovery and was relatively readily available in consistent format at this large spatial scale. The limitations of available data prevented inclusion of many types of information that would be very useful for recovery planning (e.g. detailed water quality maps or exotic species distribution maps). Even given these limitations, an initial picture of salmon habitat in the Lower Columbia and Willamette basins emerges. A PDF of the habitat atlas can be downloaded by population, just click on the PDF of interest below.

The report should be cited as:
Maher, M., M.B. Sheer, E.A. Steel, and P. McElhany. 2005. Atlas of salmon and steelhead habitat in the Oregon Lower Columbia and Willamette Basins . Report for the Willamette-Lower Columbia Technical Recovery Team. Produced by the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center . 203 pp.

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