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Salmon Population AnalyZer (SPAZ) (Willamette and Lower Columbia River Basin)

Salmon Population AnalyZer (SPAZ)


The Salmon Population AnalyZer (SPAZ) is a tool for analysis of time series data from salmon populations. The program is not a single model, but is rather a collection of multiple methods that can be used to fit population growth models to data and to simulate future salmon population growth for the purpose of assessing population viability and setting population goals.


The SPAZ application is available free to the public. Source code (java) is available on request. The software was created by NOAA employees and is not subject to copyright protection. The program uses several open source libraries, which are used in accordance with their individual licenses.


The application is still in development and we appreciate all feedback. An integrated users manual is included in the program installation. As described in the disclaimer, we do not make any guarantees about the suitability of SPAZ for any particular application. Current Version - 1.3.4 8/3/2010
Microsoft Windows installer
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note: SLAM is standalone application developed in Java and requires JRE version 6. If java is not already on your computer, it is available free at


The program is still in development and we appreciate feedback to make it better. Send any comments, questions or bug reports to In sending questions or bug reports, it is helpful to attach the input and analysis files which generated the issue.