Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Project CROOS (Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon) and the
West Coast Salmon Genetic Stock Identification (WCSGSI) Collaboration

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Project POC

Pete Lawson


Oregon Salmon Commission, California Salmon Council, Washington Trollers, WDFW, ODFW, CDFG, Oregon State University, Fish Trax Systems, Inc., NANOOS, PSMFC, Oregon Sea Grant

Project Description

Project CROOS and the WCSGSI collaboration are partnerships among industry, scientists, and managers to advance the use of Genetic Stock Identification (GSI) in fishery science and management. Initiated by fishermen, the projects involve data collection at sea, analysis by university and NOAA Fisheries labs, and development of a database and web portal to disseminate results. Starting in 2006, scientists at the NWFSC have worked with fishermen and managers to design and implement a sampling program, process genetic samples, and develop analytical tools. Project CROOS is focused on developing and implementing a framework. WCSGSI coordinates sampling in California, Oregon, and Washington.