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Gina Ylitalo
Program Manager
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Environmental Chemistry Program

For more than 40 years, the Environmental Chemistry Program has conducted research on NOAA trust resources, with a focus on developing state-of-the-art analytical methods that generate high quality data needed to understand the effects of human and environmental factors on the health and ecology of aquatic organisms. These projects include ensuring seafood safety, examining predator-prey relationships and their marine distribution, assessing the impacts of toxic contaminants across aquatic ecosystems, and identifying contaminants of emerging concern. This knowledge is vital to the development of strategic management plans for our marine and freshwater resources and includes the following:

Our research includes the following projects:

Contaminants of emerging concern
Develop analytical methods for contaminants of emerging concern, including endocrine disruptors.

Foraging ecology
Describe foraging ecology of marine and anadromous resources, including Southern Resident killer whales and Pacific salmon.

Life history parameter modeling
Model chemical marker data to estimate biological parameters such as age and body condition.

Seafood safety
Ensure seafood safety in response to disasters and provide analytical support for Natural Resource Damage Assessment cases.