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AquaTracker is a tool for the visualization, reduction, and analysis of acoustic telemetry data. AquaTracker is a self-contained application originally written by NWFSC scientists to study early marine survival and behavior of hatchery reared and wild steelhead trout in Puget Sound. It can be applied to telemetry studies in both coastal and freshwater environments. The program has a wealth of features, including visualization of fish tracks, computation of various fish track parameters, identification of overlapping receivers, automatic generation of navigation strings, calculation of residence time by receiver, scaled time tracking and many others. Data can be exported to the clipboard or to CSV files.

This is a standalone executable written in VB 6.0 and should be supported through Windows 8.

How to install and use AquaTracker (pdf/pptx)

AquaTracker241. - Download executable file (see disclaimer)


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  • Track animation and zoom video demo