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Dr. Barry Berejikian
Program Manager
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Lingcod stock enhancement in the Puget Sound

In response to the decline of lingcod in Puget Sound, NOAA Fisheries partnered with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, and the Washington SCUBA Alliance to study the potential for lingcod enhancement. We developed methods for 1) egg collections and hatchery rearing, 2) maximizing site fidelity after release, and 3) testing for ecological impacts of releases. Movement data from fish implanted with acoustic telemetry tags have also led to insight into lingcod early life history, and have indicated that hatchery lingcod show behavioral similarities to wild lingcod.

Staff Involved in the project

Jon Lee, Matt Cook, Skip Tezak, Barry Berejikian

Recent Publications

Lee, J.S.F., E.P. Tezak, and B.A. Berejikian. In press. Ontogenetic changes in dispersal and habitat use in hatchery-reared lingcod. Reviews in Fisheries Science.

Lee, J.S.F., E.P. Tezak, and B.A. Berejikian. In press. Effects of telemetry tags on movement in juvenile lingcod: a lab and field study. Journal of Fish Biology.

Lee, J.S.F., B.A. Berejikian, M. Rust, K. Massee, T. Wright, K. Brakensiek, S. Steltzner, and H. Blankenship. 2011. Site fidelity and movement of hatchery-reared lingcod in Puget Sound. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 92: 437-445.