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Dr. Barry Berejikian
Program Manager
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Behavioral approaches to research, development, and optimization of sablefish aquaculture

The Behavioral Ecology Team at the NWFSC's Manchester Research Station is collaborating with the Aquaculture Research Group to use behavioral approaches to optimize aquaculture rearing protocols. This is part of a larger NOAA Fisheries effort to develop the aquaculture industry.We are interested in identifying the best environmental conditions and optimal feeding and weaning protocols for rearing larval sablefish. Current projects include 1) investigations into effects of light intensity on feeding, growth, and survival and 2) the use of odorant attractants to optimize weaning to dry diets. Tools include video analysis of feeding behavior to study responses to feed and feed odorants, and use of inert metal oxides to mark feeds.


Jon Lee, Jose Reyes-Tomassini, Matt Cook, Rick Goetz, Barry Berejikian

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