Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Olympia oyster restoration

The Puget Sound Restoration Fund is engaged in a 10-year project to rebuild dense, breeding populations of the native Olympia oyster in Puget Sound. The project goal is to restore 100 acres of native oyster habitat by 2020; half of that habitat will need to be seeded with hatchery-propagated, restoration grade, genetically diverse seed. This seed will be produced at a new shellfish hatchery that is being built at the Manchester Research Station. The facility will encompass a 1,700 square-foot interior space dedicated to state-of-the-art production of phytoplankton and space to conduct high density, flow through larval culture of oysters and other shellfish. Additional space will be available to conduct basic and applied research on marine invertebrates with a focus on research that addresses restoration biology and ecology and the effects of climate change on marine plants and animals.