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NIH/NIEHS RO1: A novel antibody based biomarker for toxicity of chronic domoic acid exposure

Recently, this team has discovered a novel antibody based biomarker that is a specific signature for chronic low-level domoic acid (DA) exposure and pathology, and that chronic exposure increases toxin susceptibility in subsequent exposures in a zebrafish chronic exposure model.

In this project (NSF/NIEHS RO1), we will test the hypothesis that the presence of a DA-specific antibody in blood is a biomarker for chronic low-level exposure that can be linked to subclinical health impacts.

The specific objectives of this study are to: test the timing and duration of the antibody response following chronic, low-level DA exposure in mice;

Chronic, low-level exposure to DA is a genuine concern for members of coastal and tribal communities who routinely harvest and consume shellfish.

The new insight will be whether the presence of a DA-specific antibody is a reliable indicator of previously undetectable chronic DA exposures, and in turn an accurate predictor of significant health effects.

Research Team

Co-PI: Dr. Dave Marcinek (University of Washington)
Co-PI: Dr. Kathi Lefebvre (NWFSC)
Dr. Don Smith, Dr. Yi Zuo & Emma Hiolski (University of CA, Santa Cruz)
Preston Kendrick (University of Washington)

Project Staff

Kathi Lefebvre, Preston Kendrick

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