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SEA Times large imageThe SEA Times newsletters are brought to you by Deborah McArthur, educator at sea. Deborah was funded by the NOAA West Coast Center for Oceans and Human Health program to provide "newspaper" postings about daily events on the ECOHAB-PNW cruise in September 2005. The SEA Times, "Science Education Asea", articles feature both crew and scientists aboard the R/V Melville during the cruise, as well as the joys and frustrations of life at sea. In addition to writing the SEA Times articles, Deborah also participated as a working member of the science party, assisting with CTD rosette deployments, seawater filtration and microscopy.

The SEA Times in pdf format are available for download below. To save a copy, click on the desired link and then use the Save option from the Adobe Acrobat window that opens.