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Dr. Penny Swanson
Director, EFS Division
Dr. Cyndy Masada
Division Coordinator
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Salmon Recovery

Salmon recovery and research within the EFS Division serves to improve hatchery supplementation, increase ocean survival, reduce the harmful effects of water pollution, and enhance captive broodstocks. Divisional research combines behavioral ecology, environmental physiology, ecotoxicology, and hatchery science.

Studies of wild salmon have improved hatchery rearing and integration of natural and hatchery production. Conversely, physiological studies on hatchery salmon have helped define habitat-related threats to wild fish. Captive rearing of salmon stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act include Idaho’s Redfish Lake sockeye salmon and Chinook salmon stocks of Oregon and Washington. Hatchery reform guidelines are developed through cooperation with the Hatchery Scientific Reform Group and other organizations in the Pacific Northwest.