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Marine Habitat Ecology

Habitat surveys are conducted using multibeam sonars, echosounders, and remotely operated vehicles. With these surveys, scientists map, explore and document the physical, chemical, and biological systems in order to address the groundfish management issues related to the complex interactions between fish and their habitats. This group also investigates techniques to survey areas that cannot be monitored by traditional trawl gear. In addition, this group collaborates in conservation engineering studies to develop gear that is more selective and that minimizes impacts on associated ecosystems.

Video camera systems

The Marine Habitat Ecology group has developed two autonomous underwater video camera systems for filming commercial fishing gear and fish behavior during fishing operations. The purpose of these video camera systems is to provide trawl and fixed gear fishermen with equipment for evaluating industry-designed approaches to reduce bycatch and reduce impacts to benthic habitats.

If you are interested in borrowing a system, or would like more information, please contact:

Mark Lomeli
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Phone: (541) 867-0544

Download the camera manual: Autonomous High-Resolution Low-Light Color Video Camera Systems User’s Manual