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Dr. Michelle McClure
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Division Coordinator
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Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division

FRAM scientists conduct the research needed to manage West Coast groundfish. We collect and analyze information on the approximately 90 groundfish species regulated under the Pacific Fishery Management Council's Groundfish Fishery Management Plan.

FRAM has four programs: Economic and Social Science Research, Fisheries Observation Science, Groundfish Ecology, and Population Ecology. We collect data on West Coast groundfish and their habitats by conducting field surveys, debriefing observers, and analyzing samples in the lab. We look at the economic impact of both commercial and recreational fishing. We complete stock assessments that are used to evaluate the status of important West Coast groundfish species.

Our mission is to promote sustainable and productive fisheries, communities, and ecosystems along the U.S. West Coast through innovative research, scientific discovery, and regional and international collaborations.