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Resource Enhancement and Utilization Technologies

Resource Enhancement and Utilization Technologies

Dr. Walton W. Dickhoff
  REUT Division Director

REUT Staff Directory
REUT Org Chart

Aquaculture Research
  Dr. Mike B. Rust
     • Enhancement
     • Nutritional Technologies

  Dr. Mark S. Strom

Environmental Physiology
  Dr. Penny Swanson

Hatchery Reform Science
     • Hatchery Technology
     • Behavioral Ecology

Research Publications
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Issue Papers
Sampling DNA from bacterial pathogens in the Microbiology lab at Montlake. Sampling DNA from bacterial pathogens in the Microbiology lab at Montlake
The Resource Enhancement and Utilization Technologies Division provides scientific understanding and develops improved technology to better serve NOAA Fisheries' priorities on fisheries enhancement/culture, harvest and full utilization of resources.
  • The Hatchery Reform Science Program's research focuses on existing and developing challenges associated with captive rearing, hatchery technology, and behavioral ecology of salmon to sustain and rebuild endangered or depleted stocks.

  • The Marine Enhancement and Aquaculture Research Program develops information and technology needed to test culture-based rebuilding of depleted marine species and manage environmentally sound aquaculture.

  • The Integrative Fish Biology Program develops fundamental biological understanding of fish development, growth, reproduction, smolt quality, fish health and disease diagnosis and control.

  • The Full Utilization Program improves fish processing methods to more fully utilize each fish caught--to relieve pressure on the resource, reduce waste released into habitat, and to benefit the fishing industry.
More information about specific Resource Enhancement and Utilization Technologies research programs can be found in the Issue Papers.

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