Draft Report of Updated Status of Listed ESUs of Salmon and Steelhead

Final Report of Updated Status of Listed ESUs of Salmon and Steelhead

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This final report summarizes the scientific conclusions of the NMFS Biological Review Team regarding the updated status of 26 ESA-listed Evolutionarily Significant Units (ESUs) of salmon and steelhead (and one candidate species ESU) from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. These ESUs were listed following a series of status reviews conducted during the decade of the 1990s. This report followed a draft report that was circulated for technical review and comments by state, tribal, and federal comanagers. Because of its size, it is broken up into several sections to facilitate downloading and copying.

Background and Introduction (pdf, 329KB) | (Word doc, 302KB)

Executive summary
Table of contents

Each species link below accesses a document with:
Data and analyses for each ESU and BRT conclusions regarding risk

Chinook (zipped Word doc, 3.5MB) | (pdf, 3,626kb)

Steelhead (zipped Word doc, 3.8MB) | (pdf, 3,439kb)

Coho (zipped Word doc, 849KB) | (pdf, 2,223kb)

Sockeye (zipped Word doc, 43KB) | (pdf, 131kb)

Chum (zipped Word doc, 610KB) | (pdf, 457kb)


Sample cover letter to comanagers (pdf, 8.12MB) | (Word doc, 51KB)

BRT Willamette and Lower Columbia ESU status review data (Zip file, 480 KB)

BRT Interior Columbia ESU status review data

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last modified 03/30/2016