Species Life-cycle Analysis Modules (SLAM)
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Species Life-cycle Analysis Modules (SLAM)


Species Life Cycle Analysis Modules (SLAM) is a tool for modeling life-cycle dynamics. Designed for rapid exploration of alternative life-cycle structures and stage transition assumptions, the program can be used to evaluate the population consequences of proposed management actions that affect survival and capacity of specific life stages.


The program was developed at the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center by Paul McElhany (project lead), Mirek Kos (programmer) and Howard Coleman (programmer). NOAA logo


The program and documentation are free for download on the EcoBox website at http://ecobox.iugo-cafe.org/user/SLAM/SLAM.


Questions about SLAM should be sent to nwfsc.slam_app@noaa.gov.

last modified 03/30/2016